“ Supporting your
active pregnancy ”

Our purpose

To offer functional and stylish maternity activewear, helping women to feel great and supporting them in staying fit and healthy throughout their active pregnancy.

Our Values


Be safe
The health of your baby is and will always be the most important thing in the world. Always check with your doctor to make sure you exercise safely.


Keep doing the things you love
We believe staying active during your pregnancy can keep you fit, healthy and happy. Our products are designed to support you during this precious and exciting time.


Produce ethically for the future of all our children
Strictly no sweatshop production, all our garments are produced in the UK using high quality Italian fabrics.


Give pregnant athletes the best possible gear
We believe you should expect more from your gear when you are pregnant and not less! Therefore we only produce maternity sportswear of the highest quality and functionality.


Celebrate pregnancy
Proudly wear colourful and stylish maternity clothes that makes you look as great as you feel.

We understand how much you love sports and want to support you with the best possible maternity activewear so you can keep doing what makes you happy!

Whether you are into Running, Cross training, Yoga or any other sport, our high performance maternity activewear for pregnant athletes will support your active pregnancy and make sure you do not have to compromise on functionality or style.

About Rachel

Founder, Mum of Two, Passionate Trail Runner and our Creative Director, Rachel is on a mission to redefine maternity sportswear for pregnant athletes.

SpeedBump Running Founder

SpeedBump Maternity Activewear really started in 2014. I had just managed to run a new PB in the London Marathon and qualified for Boston 2015, a race I was obviously not going to miss. Training plans made and tickets booked (way too far in advance - yes I was excited) I found out I was pregnant - and was over the moon.

As it was my first pregnancy I had no idea whether I would be able to continue running, let alone participate in a marathon. Following a long conversation with my GP I was reassured that I could savely continue training and decided to give it a try. It went great and I was delighted that I was able to stay active during my pregnancy as it really helps me to keep my balance. By the time Hampton Court Half Marathon came up in my training plan my bump had already started to show and my normal clothes became really uncomfortable, so it was time to seriously look into getting new gear.

I went online to find suitable maternity sportswear and was surprised to find that this simply did not exist? While I had reduced the intensity of my training I was still doing quite a few long runs and was looking for technical maternity activewear that was actually made for sports. However, all I could find was made from cotton, ruched, baggy and simply not up to scratch for any serious exercise.

So I ended up running the half marathon in my husbands clothes and decided that it was time to bring maternity sportswear into the 21st century. The idea for SpeedBump Maternity Activewear, a brand making clothes fit for pregnant athletes, was born.

The half marathon actually went really well despite the gear, but at 7 months pregnant I felt a full marathon would be too much and decided to listen to my body and cancel Boston. There is always a second chance and I thought qualifying again would be a great motivation following the birth of my daughter.

Fast forward a few years and SpeedBump Maternity Activewear has become a reality. Having personally experienced how hard it is to find functional maternity activewear that provides all the comforts and features we expect from our usual gear, our team set out to set new standards. Working in close collaboration with leading designers and experienced activewear manufacturers in the UK we have spent more than two years developing and testing different designs and fabrics. With the help of our testers, expecting athletes at different stages of their pregnancy, we finally created high performance maternity activewear with a great fit and are thrilled to introduce our collection.

I hope you enjoy our products and wish you a magical time.